Crazy Inventions (Only in Japan)


The Japanese are famous for their crazy inventions. We bring you collection of top 10 most bizarre Japanese inventions. Probably these products don’t use anybody,  except the inventors themselves.

Subway chin rest
If you cant find place to sit, here is solution :)

Umbrella tube
Heavy rain? No problem with this umbrella

Chopsticks fan

Subway Hat
Another invention to relax head in subway

Daddy nurser
For me, this is litlle too weird…

Eyedrop funnels

Ever-ready tissues
If you are sick this may help you… but is it worth to look so stupid…

10 in 1 gardering tool
Come on… Silly

Solar Cigarette lighter
Save the Earth… STOP smoking

Butter Stick
Last, but in my opinion best of all this “inventions”


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  3. Sameh Mowafy /

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